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The intended meaning of text is predicated on the author's cognition. Interpretation by the reader is arbitrary, based on often disparate cognition, and determined primarily by the readerís range of vocabulary and knowledge of the subject matter. This gap between intention and interpretation will always vary. At one extreme it can result in the geopolitical misunderstandings of 1441. At the other, you order the wrong pizza topping!

All English words published as text, and forming part of a document, will have a clear syntactical and literal sense. Most of these words are polysemous and therefore equivocal. Some are simply vocables to many readers. However, if the words can be accurately deciphered, the use of more precise terminology can often  provide a very effective shorthand for meticulous and, where necessary, more punctilious communication. And in doing so, eliminate the opportunity cost of misunderstanding.

The time taken by authors to articulate and then specify the meaning of less common words will be minimal. It is a logical extension to the spell checker and proofreading process. More than 70% of general text is based on only 1,000 common words. The remainder are listed in on line reference dictionaries, except of course for neologisms and the most recent semantic shift words. In these cases the author would define their own understanding of current meaning. Most idioms, collocations and hyphenations are also listed on line.

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