Letter  No 13a by Mike Allott: back to directory

March 15 2005


Partiesí early start to electioneering

The reaction by Labour strategists, and the Health Secretary in particular, to Tory use of individual cases to highlight NHS failings (reports, March 9) has been predictable. The Tories set out to provoke Labourís anger, and succeeded.

It is unlikely, though, that their aim was to seek to undermine Labourís record on the NHS; most of the public now recognise that Labour has made a considerable difference. No, the Tories are showing themselves to be cleverer at second-guessing their opponents, and more skilful at media manipulation.

As an ordinary party member, I find it a bit frustrating when our generals allow themselves to be so easily outflanked, so early in the campaign.

Yours faithfully,